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TJ-II has two mobile limiters, located in sectors A3 and C3 (115.5º and 295.5º), with a toroidal separation of 180º. [1] The limiters are fitted with Langmuir probes and gas injection ports. [2] [3] [4] A biasing voltage can be applied. [5]

TJ-II Limiter and plasma
TJ-II Limiter: photograph taken from port B8TANG (the location of the fast camera)

Liquid Lithium limiters

Liquid Lithium Limiter with Capillary Porous System

On May 2012 the LLL was installed in sector A. [6] [7] [8] Experiments on D retention were performed at temperatures up to 400°C.[9] Also, biasing of the LLL respect to the plasma and respect to he C limiter in C3 were carried out.[10] Insertion of the LLL up to 3 cm into the edge was possible without any apparent damage. Biasing of the LLL to positive voltages led to improved energy and particle confinement in ECRH plasmas. [11] In 2014, a second LLL unit has been installed in C3 to replace the former C limiter.


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