TJ-II:Electron Bernstein Wave Heating

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In TJ-II, the possibility of achieving high-density plasmas using Electron Bernstein Wave Heating (EBWH), which has been used successfully in the W7-AS and H-J stellarators, is being explored. [1] [2] It offers a way of overcoming the cut-off density limit associated with ECRH methods (1.7×1019 m-3 in TJ-II). Preliminary studies highlighted several promising EBWH first harmonic schemes, i.e. at 28 GHz. [3] Results have also been reported. [4] [5]

The system is located in sector D6.

TJ-II Electron Bernstein Wave Heating system diagram.
TJ-II Electron Bernstein Wave Heating system photo, as viewed from the mounting flange for the heating system corrugated waveguide.


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