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Wiki Spam is the unwanted insertion of advertisements with external links in the wiki. The purpose of this vandalism is to promote external websites in search engines such as Google.

Monitoring unwanted edits

Use "Recent changes" to monitor unwanted edits.

Reverting unwanted edits

Legitimate users: you can help undoing unwanted edits.

  • Click "History" tab at the top of a page
  • Click on the link of the revision you want to recover (the date) This will take you to a page with the text of the old revision.
  • Click "Edit" tab at the top.
  • Add a summary, such as "revert spam" and click the 'Save' button.

Current anti-spam measures

  • External links in this wiki have the rel=nofollow attribute, which means Google will ignore them and a spammer will get no Google ranking boost from the wiki at all. Therefore, spamming is pointless. However, since spammers either do not read this information or do not understand or believe it, several other measures have been taken:
  • IP filtering: users identified by IP adresses corresponding to known open proxies are not allowed to make edits
  • Spam text filtering: edits containing typical spam words (viagra etc.) or spam site links are rejected automatically
  • Robot filtering: Recaptcha is triggered for account creation and for anonymous edits that include external links

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