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Experimental campaign

Spring 2022

Proposal title

Enter Title here

Name and affiliation of proponent

Enter name, affiliation and ORCID code here

Suggested format:

John Doe, University of Ivory Tower

Details of contact person at LNF

If applicable, enter contact person here or write N/A

Description of the activity

Motivation and Background

Basic information to understand the relevance of the proposed experiments in the bigger context of fusion plasma research. You can use references, e.g, [1].

Proposal Objectives

Specific objetives of this proposal within the context provided in Motivation and Background.

Approach and Methodology

Basic description of the experimental approach to meet the proposal objectives (e.g. parameter scans, configuration variation, operation schemes).

International or National funding project or entity

Include funding here (grants, national plans)

Description of required resources

Required resources:

  • Number of plasma discharges or days of operation:
  • Essential diagnostic systems (without which, the proposal cannot be conducted):
  • Other diagnostic system of special interest:
  • Type of plasmas (heating and magnetic configuration):
  • Specific requirements on wall conditioning if any:
  • External users: need a local computer account for data access: yes/no
  • Any external equipment to be integrated? Provide description and integration needs:

Preferred dates and degree of flexibility

Preferred dates: (format dd-mm-yyyy)

(If remote participation is required or preferred, please, indicate it here. A Zoom connection with the local contact person will be arranged on the day of experiments.)


  1. A. Einstein, Journal of Exceptional Results (2017)

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