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Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. - Ryunosuke Satoro
In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed. - Charles Darwin

The goal of the FusionWiki

The FusionWiki is a specialist wiki for information on fusion and plasma physics research.

There is an enormous proliferation of information on fusion and plasma physics, as a consequence of years of dedicated research in many countries. However, this information is mostly contained in specialist journals. There is no centralized index providing rapid access to this information in an organized manner. Therefore, the FusionWiki arises as an initiative to provide (Wikipedia-style) short summaries of research topics and issues of interest, with links to the main relevant articles or websites, irrespective of where this information is located. This centralized index function, if supported by a significant fraction of the research community, can develop into an important research tool and help students or other interested parties to find their way in the mass of information.

Collaborative contributions of pages, as well as corrections and enhancements to existing entries, may help to develop this site into a high quality reference for fusion and plasma physics.

Please check out Target audience and proposed content of the FusionWiki for more detail.


The FusionWiki is incipient and many pages are mere stubs or require significant improvement; worse, most topics still do not have a page. If you are active in the fusion field, you are invited to help! We would like to suggest that you include a short description of fusion-related issues within your field of specialization, providing appropriate references and links.

Do you find this initiative interesting and/or potentially useful? Please help us to improve by correcting errors, complementing information, or adding content.

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Monitoring page integrity

All help to maintain page integrity is welcome.

Link validity

Over time, links to external websites may cease to be valid. If you detect an invalid link, please correct it.

Spam and vandalism

As a consequence of past spamming attacks, the FusionWiki cannot be edited without authentication. However, the account sign-up procedure is kept as simple as possible, and all constructive contributions are of course welcomed.

In addition, some anti-spam and anti-vandalism measures are in place. Also see Wiki Spam.